Created and performed by Stephen Gillikin, Giddy-Up Rodeo is a fake comedy show within a show. In essence, a sketch comedy podcast where the structure for said comedy is that of a late night variety show.

Unless of course it isn't, 'cause sometimes it's not. Look, I don't know what to tell you, man; just listen to the podcast, OK? You'll figure it out.

Unless of course you don't, because seriously this show gets weird sometimes. Like meta about being meta. It's clearly made by one person but there's clearly always other people showing up who are also clearly still that one person.

Fine, ok, what if I said, "Just give it a listen. It's comedy, whether you personally find it funny or otherwise. I host a podcast. And its goes from there..."

NO? Look, what do I do have to do to entice you, reader, to listen to this podcast. I know it's a different medium than this here right now -this being visual and text and the podcast being audio and AWESOME. There, I said it. I said it was awesome! I referred to something I made as awesome. Does that make me a prick or a jackass or something?

Seriously, just go. I've been writing to you, and you've been reading from me for far too long now.  It's just....we've grown apart, ya know? I too remember when this relationship first started, back when I told you "Created and performed by Stephen Gillikin." God, I remember it just like it was 251 words ago. But now we've become different people.

And that's ok, because actually, not only do I think you and me should part ways but I also know another media output you would toootally love. You two would get along so great! Oh my god, like it's this podcast called Giddy-Up Rod...YES I'M STILL TALKING ABOUT THE PODCAST!

GOD, you always do this, reader. No, seriously, you're always on me about how I'm always trying to talk to you about Giddy-Up Rodeo. YES! I did just say it again. What? That's a perfectly OK way to pronounce "again." Well how do you say it? Look, we're getting off track.

Giddy-Up Rodeo is a weekly audio podcast about 12 minutes long.

It's available on itunes, podomatic, and here.

It's a great kisser.