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Posted by Stephen on May 1, 2012 at 11:15 AM

Folks often refer to this minute corner of cyberspace as "my blog."  Well actually they call it "your blog" because they're talking to me, but anyway I'm not going to further this argument of semantics with myself right now.

The reason I don't call this "a blog" is because I tend to think of blogs as being like diaries or websites where people talk about what they did this weekend and post photos of their french toast to prove it.

Being most things here are fictitious and/or composed in essay format, I feel this does not typically fit these terms.  However, for this first time, I will get all bloggy here at, and will put up an entry I wrote on an old blog of mine.

From 1996.


(You had me at) Hello world wide web!

This summer has been insane.  I know I haven't written here in almost forever, but I've got to let you know what's happening.

The Nutty Professor was so good.  In it, Eddie Murphey plays like 5 different characters, most of whom are very fat.  Oh man!  I hope he keeps making more movies like this.  It'll never get old!!

The other day I wanted to search some info so I was surfing around on and apparently there's a Duke Nukem 3D!

Insanity Manatee!!

I think that'll be the end of video games.  It just looks so real.  I think we've definitely hit our zenith now.

My geocities website is doing well.  It's got links to "The Wallflowers" and "Alanis Morissette" on it.  I think people will really enjoy it.

I still haven't seen Independence Day yet, but I did see Phenomenon instead.  It stars that same guy from the movie Michael about the angel.  These were both so good, I don't think I can ever see John Travolta making a bad movie.

The Summer Olympics were fun.  It might've been cooler if they were in Greece for the centennial of the games, but Atlanta was good anyhow, and it's here in the US!

And I think they did a great job of making it about the sportsmanship and spirit and not the corporate sponsorships and advertising.

I'm thirsty.  I think I'll go grab a Coke real quick.

Back! And speaking of money, did you hear that there's a Titanic movie being made?  Apparently they've spent 100's of millions of dollars on it and it stars that girly actor Leonardo Dicaprio.  Umm, can you say massive flop?

The new season premiere of "The Single Guy" is next week.  This show is an INSTANT classic.  It'll be on way longer than "Friends," or even "Seinfeld" for that matter.  Those are good too though.  Everything on NBC is awesome.  They definitely have the best shows.  Except they don't have "Home Improvement" and they do have Jay Leno.  But I figure they'll wise up and get rid of Leno in like a year or two.

In general though, there's just a lot of great stuff going on in the world.  There's money everywhere and new businesses and jobs all over the place.  I just feel lucky to be in such a prosperous and safe country.

The only bummer is I did miss out on a chance to visit New York for the first time on a school trip.  Oh well.  I can't imagine that city or it's skyline will be changing anytime at all in the next 5 or 10 years.

Stephen lives at his parents' house in Suffolk, VA.  He currently studies Algebra, Ancient World History, and various other middle school subjects.  This photo is inexplicably from the future.  Early 2002 to be exact.

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